Metal and Miner ETF

Dig into Metal and Mining ETFs

The rise in the US dollar has caused pain across number of commodities. Not surprisingly this has hurt oil and gold as well as commodity heavy export

ETF Sector Highlight: Energy

Oil Price

Time to buy Energy Company Stocks

Oil price has crashed from high $100's reached since 2007 to mid $40 and $50s. Following the bottoming in the prices and its recovery. The pendulum


How Do Index Funds Pay Dividends

Investors has always attracted to stocks with steady and consistent dividends. Some of the Best Dividend ETFs provide consistent dividends for

Defensive Playbook 1 – Utility ETF

Utility stocks provide important defensive capability for the portfolio. The sector has a lower volatility versus the broader market which can act as

Best Index Funds For Your Portfolio

2015 have been extremely challenging for investors. After major market indexes returned above 30% in 2013. Investor optimism did not carrying forward